What is proofreading?

We’re all human, and that’s why proofreading is so important. A text must read like it’s been written in the target language and never look like a translation. Proofreading gives the translator a helping hand, checking for minor typos etc., because no matter how good they are, sometimes teeny tiny things can be accidently overlooked. Having an extra pair of eyes look over your translation can make all the difference between a good translation and a perfect one.

We offer all of the following proofreading services in Czech, Slovak, Hungarian and Polish to make sure your translations shine.

Language proofreading

Language proofreading is when the proofreader checks for minor typos, grammar, and stylistic changes they’d like to make. It’s always done by a qualified linguist, who also focuses on things like numbers, currencies, measurements and local names to make sure that they’ve been translated too. They also have to make sure that the translation is consistent throughout, while making sure it takes into account the cultural aspects of the country.

Bilingual proofreading

This type of proofreading focuses more on terminology. The proofreader will go through both the source and target text, making sure that all the specialist terms are translated correctly, and to get rid of inconsistencies. As they have to be industry experts, the proofreader normally has a degree in whichever field they specialize in, plus industry experience too.

Pre-print proofreading

If you have a document that’s going to print, this proofreading will act as a final pair of eyes before you give printing a thumbs up. It’ll check to make sure everything’s in the right place graphically, and that there are no tiny typos or other kinds of minor errors that would have otherwise slipped through.


Machine translation post editing is becoming more and more common. If you need help with it in Czech, Slovak, Polish or Hungarian, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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