QA Czech...Who Are We?

Let’s start from the beginning – what QA Czech actually means. Over the years, we’ve come to realise that quality assurance has played a vital part in what we do, with people even coming to us to give them an unbiased opinion on the quality of services bought elsewhere. If you’re at all familiar with ISO translation standards, you’ll know that QA checks (quality assurance checks) are a fundamental part of them. So, true to our creative nature, we came up with QA Czech – a play on words focussing on our native language, and the part of the translation process we value the most.

Should I use a translator or a translation agency?

We’re often asked this – what’s better, a freelancer or an agency? Although freelancers are often a bit cheaper, we really believe if you work with the right agency, you’ll soon see the added value of working with someone like us. Working with an agency allows you to benefit from better deadlines, more capacity, a wider-range of technology and file formats, plus our project managers do most of the hard work for you so that your documents are ready to use as soon as you get them back.

The success of our company is based on quality services which are built around strict ISO quality assurance methods.

Everyone goes on about quality. Of course it’s important, but you expect quality the moment you put your trust in us, which is why it shouldn’t be sold as anything special. What we do care about, though, is technology. Like every other industry out there, the translation industry is evolving and there are some great pieces of technology that help us to help you. We’ll never try and replace our translators’ expertise, but giving them the tools to pass their expertise on to you is something we love doing.

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