What does DTP/Graphic design have to do with translating?

When you get a document translated, it’s not always going to be a word document. Sometimes you’re going to need things like brochures and websites translated too. And when you get them back, you need them looking like the original. Knowing where to put something into the graphics if you don’t speak the language is near impossible, which is why our team of multilingual graphic designers are there to help. More often than not, the translated text is a slightly different length to the original, so the graphic designer sometimes has to tweak the texts to make sure it fits where it needs to.

What type of file formats do you support?

We work with both MAC and Windows, and cover all the standard graphic design file formats by software giants like Adobe and Xerox. The advantage of working with someone like us is that we understand the language. In Czech, Slovak, Polish and Hungarian, we have different alphabets and need to make sure that the font you’re using is compatible. We can also do some of the more simpler work in things like Microsoft Word, too, as it’s often used for making manuals.

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