We’re here to help you with quality translations into Czech, Slovak, Hungarian and Polish. If you’re looking for someone to give you a hand with legal, financial, technical, medical or even marketing texts, look no further.

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What types of translation does QA Czech offer?

Rather than promising you everything, we stick to what we’re good at – the languages close to home. That’s why we deal with translations between the following language combinations – English, German, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian & Polish.

How do you choose your Czech, Slovak, Hungarian and Polish translators?

It’s always recommended that a translator translates into their native language. Which is why we only work in accordance with the latest ISO and EN standards, making sure that your Czech, Slovak, Hungarian and Polish translations are not only done by a native speaker, but proofread by one too.

What translation technology do you use?

Translation technology has now become a vital part of the translation industry. We understand that in order to meet your needs, we need to be flexible. That’s why we’ll do our very best to provide you with Czech, Slovak, Hungarian or Polish translations in whichever CAT tool you need. No matter what your workflow is, or what your chosen QA tool is, we’ll do our best to incorporate that into our workflow too.

What other services do you offer?

There’s more to language services than just translations. Which is why we offer the following services, too:

How do Czech, Slovak, Hungarian & Polish fit together?

To put it simply, these are our regional languages and they share a rich history. Even though we’re not one country anymore, did you know that these languages are even more connected than you probably first thought? Let’s start with the Czech Republic where we’re based. Czech is our native language, but we understand Slovak too, as it used to be our native language when we were Czechoslovakia. In the north of the Czech Republic by the Polish border, people speak a dialect that’s very similar to Polish, and many people who live there speak fluent Polish too. If you move into Slovakia, you’ll be surprised to know there are a number of regions that speak Hungarian as their native language, and in Hungary lots of people from the border regions speak Slovak. By knowing our country, we know our languages, and are looking forward to helping you get to know them too.


We can take translations one step further. By offering software, website and app localization services into Czech, Slovak, Hungarian and Polish, we can help you and your business succeed.

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Localization – taking translation 1 step further

If you’re from the translation industry, you know what localization is. But for those of you who aren’t all that familiar with the term: it’s taking a translation a bit further. Instead of simply translating the words, localization changes the text to make sure it suits the target country, and even goes as far as making sure the pictures on your website, for example, are suitable for their new market.

There’s normally lots of technology involved, which is why we have a dedicated localization engineer on hand to help you out with whatever localization needs you have.

Software localization

When you’re dealing with software, getting a standard translation doesn’t always cut it. You need to make sure all the menus work, and that the words actually fit where they are going to go. If you’ve got software and you need it in Czech, Slovak, Polish or Hungarian, get in touch and one of your localization experts can help you with:

  • GUI
  • Help
  • Testing

Website localization

If you’re operating abroad, making sure that you have a multilingual website is paramount. No matter where you are in your website’s life-cycle we can help with the following:

  • Website translation/localization into Czech, Slovak, Hungarian or Polish
  • Making sure your news/blog posts are translated
  • SEO & Keyword research
  • Social Media translations

By making use of the latest translation technology out there, we’re even able to translate directly in your CMS so whenever you have new content, you don’t need to worry about exporting it and sending it over.

Branding and marketing services

If you or one of your clients is looking to expand onto the Czech, Slovak, Polish or Hungarian markets we can help. We offer more than just marketing translations, we can provide consultancy with one of our linguists who can go over your plans with you and give you some advice on what’ll work well.


What Goes Into A Successful Project


When you send your files over for translation, our project managers get to work. They analyze the files and put together a team of translators based on your project needs. They’ll plan out things like the timing of the project so that they get everything back and have time for their final QA checks too.


Your texts will be translated by one of our qualified linguists and industry experts. Once they’ve finished, it’ll be checked by another linguist who will proofread the texts to make sure they’re just perfect. This is the time for any extra services like testing too.


Before the files are delivered, our PMs will do a final quality check so that they can guarantee that everything is flawless. Also, if you need any extra services like DTP or pre-print proofreading, now’s the time for that.

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